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TACTIX is Your Complete Martial Arts Fitness Business System. MORE MONEY... MORE CLIENTS... IN LESS TIME... even if martial arts is not your current area of expertise!

"Done for You" martial arts fitness business system. Plug it in and go!

Hello future Certified TACTIX Instructor,

You are in luck. The time has come for your business to explode. In the past, martial arts fitness programs had three inherent challenges. They were either too hard to learn, too expensive to implement, or did not create a new revenue stream. In other words, it was more like "martial dance class" that just took up space.

TACTIX is different! There are no funky dance moves, ancient philosophies, or useless routines. TACTIX is all about function, form, fun and profit! You and your students will enjoy a HIGH CALORIE BURNING WORKOUT that utilizes the latest techniques in metabolic conditioning, practical self-defense and advanced fitness programming.

Although TACTIX has explosive and effective self-defense applications, the energy of the class is always positive and fun. TACTIX is empowering to you and your students.

After 21+ years as a fitness pro, and extensive experience in martial arts, I have carefully assembled the best techniques that are easy to learn, and I crafted them into a complete system for you - TACTIX.

There is a huge growth in martial arts (and martial arts-based fitness) around the globe. Most consumers are seeking a martial arts workout without being injured, or having actual combat. If you've been searching for a program like this (and also one that makes you a lot of money), TACTIX is your solution.

You can likely see how TACTIX is the perfect martial arts-based fitness system for fitness pros, martial artists, boot camp instructors and gyms owners. You are given very detailed, step-by-step blue prints for everything from warm-ups to conditioning drills to specific business strategies.

TACTIX Martial Arts Fitness

I am here to personally guide you every step of the way.

To your success!

John Spencer Ellis "JSE"
Creator of TACTIX

Finally, a proven business solution for gym owners, fitness pros and martial arts instructors that is easy to learn and makes you say "Cha-ching!"

(This video gives you the details you want)

Tactix Fitness Training Business System

What is TACTIX?

TACTIX is a perfect blend of martial arts fitness, practical self-defense skills, boot camp intensity, body weight exercises and metabolic conditioning. The result is a fun, revolutionary workout that burns 825 calories per hour.

TACTIX is perfect for you if you are:

  • A fitness pro or boot camp instructor who wants to make more money in less time
  • A martial artist who wants to offer a martial arts-based fitness program
  • A gym owner who needs multiple streams of revenue

TACTIX DOES NOT teach sparring, or incorporate actual combat.
Fun partner drills are used to develop timing, coordination and balance.

Your total TACTIX system includes the following:

Workout Videos

Hours of detailed video demonstrations:

  • All aspects of a TACTIX workout from the very basics to the highly advanced
  • Group dynamics of TACTIX

Hours of detailed training videos:

  • Specific class formatting and structure (warm-ups, drills, technique, breathing, focus, intent, sequencing, etc
  • Solutions for common questions and situations that may arise in your TACTIX class
  • Video training showing you multiple business models for TACTIX to give you specifics to make a lot of MONEY - FAST!
TACTIX Workout Generator

TACTIX Workout Generator

  • Automated workout creator that takes the guesswork out of programming structure
  • Interactive, simple, and easy to use

TACTIX Marketing Materials

Marketing materials:

  • Start-up TACTIX ads to get your classes filled FAST
  • Official TACTIX logos for all of your promotional needs (GIF, EPS, TIFF, AI)
  • Digital downloads for fast access of all your materials

Your Exclusive Benefits of TACTIX:

Tactix Fitness Training Business System
  • Fun, exciting, cutting-edge and highly effective
  • Uses the latest research in metabolic conditioning (metcon) to burn more calories and attain higher levels of fitness in the shortest amount of time
  • Teaches real-world self-defense skills without the negative overtone of traditional self-defense classes
  • Global branding enhances your recognition and success
  • Can easily be taught indoors or out
  • Minimal investment with a huge return on your investment
  • Perfect revenue model for martial arts instructors, fitness pros, group exercise instructors and MMA gyms
  • Can be taught one-on-one, small group, or in a large group format
  • Can be taught indoors or out, so you have choices
  • Network and learn in our private online community
  • Approved for 20 CEUs for NESTA, MMACA and ISSA
TACTIX Package
Tactix METCON System

More info on the TACTIX metabolic conditioning (metcon) system:

TACTIX gives your students the benefit of metabolic conditioning. In select phases of a TACTIX workout, the focus is on metabolic conditioning. The benefits of metabolic conditioning are extensive because almost every aspect of strength and conditioning is greatly improved. This includes the following: increases in strength & cardiovascular endurance, overall power, speed, and metabolism.

TACTIX exercises are structured together in specific protocols designed to maximize the body's ability to store and then call upon energy from different energy pathways. For an overall fitness and self-defense benefit, we must move efficiently using energy from all energy pathways in as many varied situations as possible. MetCon is used to cover the widest range of metabolic enhancing exercises possible in the most effective and efficient way.

Tactix martial arts Workout

Exclusive Benefits of TACTIX

  • No licensing or franchising fees
  • Complete turn-key system
  • Full TACTIX Instructor Certification (Beautiful certificate will be mailed to you)
  • Loads of fun for your students
  • Start-up TACTIX advertisements to get your classes started fast
  • TACTIX logos for all of your promotional needs (GIF, EPS, TIFF, AI)
  • Exclusive community forum
  • All training videos can be viewed online, or you can download full HD versions to your computer

How does it work?

Step 1: Register for TACTIX

Step 2: You will be directed to create your private account

Step 3: Start learning

Step 4: Complete your studies at a rate that is best for you

Step 5: Take your online test when ready

Step 6: Access your TACTIX Certified logos and promotional materials

Step 7: Order your customized TACTIX Pads and gloves (optional)

Step 8: Start your TACTIX BUSINESS

Register for Tactix today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Tactix Training

I'm a gym owner and want TACTIX in my facility, but I don't want to teach.

Great! We have a solution for you. You need to register for our TACTIX Gym Pak. You (the gym owner) will be given the entire program (TACTIX training + Inner Circle Coaching for 2 months). It will also come with 3 accounts for your staff to go through the training and take the online exam. You can be one of the three people who earns a certification if you like!

After registering for the TACTIX Gym Pak, you will provide our office with the names of the individuals who need training & certification. They will be granted access to complete their studies, take the exam and earn their TACTIX instructor certification. Your staff members will not be given access to the business training modules. If you later decide to have more of your staff members to go through the TACTIX instructor training and become certified, contact our office for special add-on bundles.

Does it matter where I live? Can I complete the program regardless of my time zone?

Students are accepted from around the world. Due to the advanced online learning system, you will complete your studies at your own pace at a time of the day that works best for you. Video training modules do not require you to watch or listen at any specific time.

Do students have to be barefoot, and what about the flooring needs?

You have the option to teach TACTIX in the barefoot format (or with shoes). As for the flooring/surface... You can use a mat, hardwood floor, or even on grass. If the surface is hard, you just need to modify a couple exercises. You are taught exactly how to do this.

Can I earn CECs/CEUs (continuing education) with TACTIX?

Yes, TACTIX is approved for 20 hours (2.0 CEUs) of continuing education units for the NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification. It is also approved for 20 hours (2.0 CEUs)by ISSA (International Sports Science Association)

What does the certificate look like?

It is printed on high quality paper with the title of "Certified TACTIX Instructor". It has all the professional markings from TACTIX, and the official seal.

How much will it cost to start a TACTIX business?

If you have an existing fitness or martial arts business, the costs may be zero to get started. It's just a matter of redesigning and changing your offerings. If you want or need our special TACTIX pads, look at our online TACTIX store for branded pads. The pads are inexpensive and well made. If your students want TACTIX gloves, they will order them. You do not have to supply gloves. You will be given specifics about the TACTIX business models in your training.

If I choose the 3 payment plan, can I take my exam within the first 30 days?

No. You cannot take your exam until all payments have been made. You can still continue with you business plans, etc while waiting to take the exam. If you are in a hurry, we suggest the single payment plan.

Where do I get TACTIX gear?

We have a special arrangement with Century Martial Arts to supply you with gear at the lowest possible price. The pad and gloves in our online store are the same type as you see in your training videos. Although you are not required to purchase these products, they do help with the consistency of the brand, and are very low in cost. The design of the pad is specific to the types of conditioning drills used in the program. If you like, you can order the gloves wholesale and sell them for a retail price.

Success Stories

Tactix Facebook Testimonials Tactix Facebook Testimonials

I can't say enough about the positive influence TACTIX has had with members and non-members alike! We actually had a participant burn 1,100 calories during the class according to his heart rate monitor, and an additional 200 within the 45 minutes afterward!! That's just crazy!

Shane Arnott, LifeQuest Fitness Center

Hi! I just wanted to comment about TACTIX.

My mother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for 14 years. She started TACTIX 4 months ago, and does it 3 times a week, (every class), at East West Karate. When my mom started TACTIX with Dave Bloemer, she couldn't run, do a push-up, or even a simple sit-up. She couldn't jump, or even balance on one foot without falling. SHE STARTED SLOWLY! Now, after the 4 months of TACTIX, she can do all the things I mentioned she couldn't do! It's really a miracle. If it wasn't for TACTIX, she would be laying in bed, and having a nanny take care of us like it used to be. Along with TACTIX, she has lost 130 pounds since last year, and has an incredibly healthy diet.

Hannah Kutner

I teach both Judo and Tai Chi and use the TACTIX method as a base for all the conditioning and stamina training, separating the class into two distinct 3/4 hour sections. I do still use the traditional exercises that I have always taught. However, I have found that by "branding" TACTIX, it has encouraged many people onto the mat that would otherwise never have taken part. Lots of the "mums and Dads" would never have wanted to get involved in the Judo "one on one" training but love the TACTIX to music!

Geoff Cawse

I just completed the TACTIX program last night. I have been a part of several fitness, combat and MMA programs over the years. I just wanted to say that I think TACTIX is top notch!! The instructor training progression is logical, well organized and easy to use for quick reference.

Tim Hillis

Program Details

Recertification Requirements: None. Certification does not expire

Prerequisites: Some experience in martial arts and/or personal trainer/fitness instructor/group exercise certification

Learning Format: Online format of all materials, including video demonstrations (one-on-one and group lessons), which is accessed through our secure website. Internet access is required. No video or practical exam is required.

All materials can be viewed/used online or downloaded to your personal computer. The videos are not formatted for portable devices such as iPhone.

Once you register, you will be directed to create your student account. You may begin your studies immediately after registering, or log-in to your student account later to start your studies.

The materials will be released to you at a manageable rate (about 1.5-2.5 hours of study per day) for 4 days. You can test on the 5th day. If you are not ready to test on the 5th day; no problem. You can test when you are ready.

You may take any length of time to complete the program, and review the materials as often as you like. You will immediately know the results after you take your online test.

The only technology you will need is an Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash video player.
Both of these are installed on 98% of all computers.
If needed, they are FREE: Get Adobe Reader or Get Adobe Flash player

When I become certified, how will I run my TACTIX business?

This is entirely up to you. You will be given specific strategies for operating your business.
All of the following are possible: one-on-one, small group, indoor, outdoor, men's only, women's only, co-ed, as a business owner, as an independent contractor, or any combination. You will be taught how to structure your TACTIX classes (best days of the week, best hours of the day, how many days per week, rates to charge, etc). NOTE: When the TACTIX Gym Pak is ordered, only the gym owner is given specifics on business models and training.

Testing: Non-proctored online multiple choice exam (must pass with 80%)

You will earn the title of "Certified TACTIX Instructor"

Tactix Blog


Inner Circle Bonus Coaching

2 FREE MONTHS of Inner Circle Coaching with Dr. John Spencer Ellis

John will be your personal fitness business success coach and give you proven solutions and step-by-step blue prints to make more money, with less effort, in record time!

This exclusive fitness business coaching program will give you full access to John's fitness business and marketing training videos, coaching telecasses (and downloads), and the Inner Circle Forum where you will communicate with John and he will help you with your fitness business. You will be taught business systems that save you time, marketing strategies for online and off, social media marketing tactics, online video marketing, sales techniques, web site traffic, web site visitor conversion and much more. Inner Circle also includes all the episodes of John's online TV show "Personal Trainer TV". You will be given access to Inner Circle coaching immediately after enrolling in TACTIX. If you discontinue Inner Circle coaching, you can still use 100% of the TACTIX system for as long as you like.

TACTIX Single Instructor Certification + Business System

Now Just $277

(Includes business module, training, 1 certification, and 2 FREE months of Inner Circle Coaching with John Spencer Ellis. You can cancel the coaching at any time. No questions asked. If you stay, you will be billed at the lowest possible rate of just $17/month. You can continue to teach TACTIX, and use the TACTIX brand, if you decide not to continue with the coaching.)

Add to Cart

Or, register with this button for three small payments
of just $99 (30 days apart)

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TACTIX Gym Pak (3 Certifications + Business System)

Now Just $749

(Includes one (1) user access to the TACTIX business module, three (3) user access logins to the education and training content, three (3) certifications, and one (1) user access 2 FREE months of Inner Circle Coaching with John Spencer Ellis. You can cancel the Inner Circle coaching at any time. No questions asked. If you stay, you will be billed at the lowest possible rate of just $17/month. You can continue to teach TACTIX, and use the TACTIX brand, if you decide not to continue with Inner Circle.)

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Important Notes: Make sure you use the correct address associated with your credit card. Mismatched addresses cannot be processed. No phone registration is permitted. Read the policies page prior to registering. Following your order, you will be directed to create your personal account. At that time, you can access the program. You will also receive an email within 15 minutes with further instructions. Your monthly Inner Circle membership can be cancelled at any time.





NOTE: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive any physical package. Nothing is sent in the mail (except your certification once you successfully complete the program). The program will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering. The materials are time released over 6 days within your personal account. This time release method allows for better comprehension of the study materials.

Clicking the above order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by 1shoppingcart. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to your private account registration page. The written material will be in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. The video files are in streaming flv format. All program components can be viewed online or downloaded you're your personal computer.

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